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Professional Massage gun – massage gun – theragun – massage gun – muscle massage – massage device – 30 speeds - black

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Product description

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Do you suffer from sore muscles or poor circulation? Or recover faster after exercise? Choose a massage gun!


A massage gun is an electrical device that mimics a human massage. The device was invented in 2008 by the American Jason Werseland. Now years later, the device is becoming more and more popular, both with private individuals and for professional use due to the many physical benefits that a massage gun offers.”. 


This massage gun from Meo has thirty different speeds from 1200 to a maximum of 3200rpm (speed impact force massage head). It can be used for everything from a superficial massage to reaching the deeper muscles for true “Deep tissue” massage.  six head pieces  are supplied. Including a ball, fork, ball and a flat head piece. With these heads you can massage different body parts and muscle groups.



  • Warms up muscles;
  • Reduces muscle soreness;
  • Accelerates muscle recovery;
  • Stimulates blood circulation;
  • Allows for total relaxation;
  • Reduces stress in body and mind.

Suitable for the following massages:

  • Deep tissue
  • Sports massage
  • Trigger point
  • Relaxation massage

Recover faster

The use of the massage gun promotes blood circulation in the muscles, which ensures a better recovery of acidified muscles after an intense workout. But also offers a huge improvement in mobility and neck complaints by massaging stiff and stiff muscles.

Touch screen

To make the most of the use of the massage gun, it is equipped with an LCD touch screen on which the speed and settings are easily indicated and set. This allows you to adjust the speed to the desired massage at any time. Or you can choose to build up the strength as the massage progresses.

Long-term use

Don't worry about the battery, because this massage gun has a battery that can last up to 6 hours! So enjoy nice and long massages without having to worry about the battery life. The battery is also rechargeable (2 hours). The charger is included in the storage case.


The MEO Massage Gun has six included headpieces with the following functions:

✔ Round Head: Improves muscle recovery and reduces sore muscles after a workout

✔ Spinal Head: Relaxes fixed back muscles and improves flexibility

✔ Bullet Head: Specially designed to treat joints, trigger points and muscle knots

✔ Flat Head: For the muscles that need extra massage. Simulates a “Deep tissue massage”

✔ Air Plug : For joints and sensitive muscles.

✔ Flat Bullet Head: Specially designed to support joints, trigger treat points and muscle knots

 In short

Nice to give and nice to receive, this massage gun has a natural relaxing effect in addition to the many health benefits. This way you can massage each other for an extra long time without getting bothered by your hands!


‣ 1 Massage gun + 6 Attachments + Charger + Storage case + Manual

‣Speed: 30 steps from 1200-3200rpm
‣Battery: Rechargeable 16.8V / 2400mAh
‣Charging time: 2 hours
‣Operation: LCD Touch Screen
‣Material: Silica Gel and Aluminum
‣Weight: 1KG
‣Dimensions: 24.5x23.8x5.1cm
‣Color: Black


Order the MEO Massage gun today and give your body the recovery and comfort it deserves!”