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Free shipping-Mouth cap - 3D - Increase the breathing space -1 piece


Product Description

Delivery time: 1-2 days

【Protects your makeup 】
Helps so that your make-up & lipstick do not spend on your mask.
Increase your breathing space, help to breathe more smoothly.

【Reusable 】
The mask holder is reusable, whereby you can also use a mask multiple times since your face does not touch the mask.
It also solves the mask shortage problem.

【Unique Design 】
3D mask holder designed to fit the bridge of your nose, giving you more breathing room.

It is widely compatible with most masks in the markets.
Order content
3 - Pieces 3D bracket
• 3D Braces is non-medical and not proven for a better medical effect of your mouth cap. The 3D Bracket is made purely for your comfort. Also, this product cannot be returned due to contact with your mouth.

• Mask is not included & it is not suitable for cloth face masks.