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Microfibre Cloths - Set of 3 - Microfibre Cloth - Window Cloths - Cleaning Wipes - Miracle Wipes

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Product Description

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Eliminate filth and transform your home? This high-quality premium microfibre cloth from MEO saves you hours of cleaning and gives your home a radiant look. Easily wipe away all the dirt thanks to the smart structure. With only water and the miracle wipes you save high costs on cleaning products. As icing on the cake, you will receive a set of 3 pieces for the price of 2 microfibre cloths.

Why microfiber cloths?
Microfibre cloths have a finer structure than standard cleaning cloths, which means that they penetrate the pores of the surface to be cleaned much better. Thousands of tiny barbs scrape away the dirt. Due to the high absorbency, they accurately suck and puncture grease and dirt. Experience the convenience for yourself...

Cleaner than ever
These miracle cloths make dirt in your house disappear like snow in the sun. Whether you want to clean windows, tiles or the banister: cleaning has never been so easy. Save a lot of money on cleaning supplies and use the premium microfibre cloth with only water for a guaranteed clean effect.

The miracle effect is not only visible on windows, tiles or the kitchen worktop, but also when used dry on your windowsill and all your furniture. Eliminate all the dirt and transform your house.

How MEO microfibre cloths can easily make your home shine:

  1. Wet the cloth with water (no cleaning supplies needed)
  2. Wring the cloth well
  3. Ready to clean the windows, 100% streak-free!

Why more and more people are switching to the miracle wipes:

✅ Cleaner than ever
✅ Multifunctional
✅ No cleaning supplies needed.
✅ Clean streak-free
✅ High Quality
✅ Value pack with 3 pieces

✔️ Brand: Meo
✔️ Size: 60 x 40 cm
✔️ Contents: 1x green, 1x blue, 1x rose microfibre cloth
✔️ Material: Microfiber
✔️ Washing machine safe: Yes, please note: do not use fabric softener

EAN: 743481204004

Order this premium Microfibre cloth today and let your home shine like never before!