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Meo Safety lock – self-adhesive baby lock – cabinet and drawer lock for children – safety lock for babies and children – child lock – child-friendly home


Product Description

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Children are full of energy and want to discover everything. Your house is the ultimate target and kids will open all the drawers and cupboards to discover what's inside. You can't always keep an eye on your baby, so how do you protect them from the dangerous things in the house? This self-adhesive baby and child safety lock is perfect for this. This safety lock is easy to install and ensures that your children do not have access to dangerous objects in the house. This way you can relax again without worrying about the safety of your children at home all day!

A safe environment for everyone

Children always go on an adventure. How were you in the past? As a parent, you know better than anyone how much you want the house to be safe for your children. You can't always pay attention to what they are doing. These self-adhesive security locks will help you with this. With the strong 3M tape, installation is a piece of cake and you ensure that your children can no longer open drawers or cabinets with dangerous objects in them. This baby lock is made of strong ABS material. This makes it scratch resistant and lasts a very long time!

Benefits cabinet and drawer lock for children & babies

  • Easy installation – installation is a breeze with the strong 3M tape.
  • Optimal security – without your supervision, your children can no longer reach dangerous objects.
  • ABS material – This child safety lock is made of sturdy ABS material.
  • Safe for your interior – these kid-friendly safety locks leave no residue when removed.

Install Baby & Kids Safety Lock

  1. Thoroughly clean the surface where you want to place the lock. This ensures a good closure.
  2. Remove the sticker and stick the security lock in the desired location.
  3. Place the other part of the lock in the correct position at the top of the drawer or cabinet. Measure this well in advance, so that you have a good closure.
  4. Press both parts well and let it dry for at least 12 hours.

Create a safe environment for your children with these Meo child-friendly safety locks for cabinets and drawers!