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Meo massage gun with 4 heads - massage device - massage gun - muscle massage

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Say goodbye to muscle pain, because with this Meo massage gun you give yourself wonderful massages to stimulate blood circulation and relieve muscle pain. This massage gun comes with no less than 4 heads. This makes this massage gun immediately suitable for the whole body. The different heads massage your muscles deep into the muscle tissue and stimulate your blood circulation. This way you get rid of muscle pain faster, you can prevent injuries and you go through life flexibly!

Massage gun for the whole body

Thanks to the 4 heads of the Meo massage gun you can massage your entire body. Think, for example, of your spine, neck, leg muscles or arm complaints. The individual headpieces each create a unique effect that is suitable for a specific part of your body. This way you massage every part of your body in the most effective way for the best results. The Meo massage gun has 4 different positions. The lowest setting provides a smooth massage and ensures relaxation. The highest setting massages your muscles deep into the muscle tissue and significantly stimulates blood circulation. This way you can determine the position of the Meo massage gun based on your complaints.

Advantages of the Meo massage device

  • Suitable for the whole body
  • 4 heads included
  • Compact size for portability
  • USB rechargeable and wireless

Stimulates your blood circulation and prevents injuries

Of course you want to avoid injuries at all times. Many people stretch far too little or do not regularly enjoy a relaxing massage. Yet we sit behind a desk almost all day and go to the gym in the evening. This makes our bodies incredibly stiff and vulnerable to injury. The Meo massage gun massages your muscles and lets them relax by thoroughly massaging the muscle tissue. This also stimulates circulation throughout your body. By having more flexible muscles and a healthier blood flow, you are less vulnerable to serious performance, you perform better in sports and you live a healthier life!

USB rechargeable & wireless

The Meo massage gun is very compact in size, so you can easily take it with you. The battery lasts up to 12 hours under regular conditions and it only takes 4 hours to fully charge it. You also enjoy complete freedom of movement because the Meo massage gun is wireless.

Tip: it is not recommended to use the Meo massage gun for more than one hour continuously.

Enjoy relaxing massages with the versatile and compact Meo massage gun!