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Free Shipping-Meo Phone Holder -Magnetic Car Holder-Smartphone Mobile Holder - Air Vent

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Product Description

Meo Phone holder that keeps your smartphone in place while driving? Magnetic phone holder and go hands-free through traffic!

Meo Magnetic Phone Holder
▶ Sturdy magnet attachment
▶ Threshold and off-road proof
▶Compact design with metal edge
▶ Can be operated with one hand
▶ Level 1 highest quality magnets
▶ Hands-free smartphone use
▶ Includes two magnetic plate sets

Hands-free navigation
Navigate to different destinations with Google Maps. Enter your destination, attach your Smartphone to the phone holder and go!

Sturdy magnetic mount
Forget Phone Holders where your smartphone does not stay in place. The round head of this magnetic holder consists of four smart magnets that keep your phone perfectly in place. The holder has been extensively tested in combination with the largest Apple (iPhone 11 Pro) and Android (Samsung S20 plus) devices.

Compact design
Due to the compact design, the air grille remains usable and the holder is not noticeable. Furthermore, the metal edge provides a premium look.

✔ Brand: Meo
✔ Color: Silver
✔ Material: Aluminum/ABS/Rubber
✔ Weight: 40 grams
✔ Diameter: 3.5 cm
✔ Inch sizes: 2 to 10 inches

Package contents:
→ 1x Meo Phone Holder
→ 1x square magnetic plate
→ 1x square protective sticker,
→ 1x round magnet plate
→ 1x round protective sticker

Pay attention
This phone holder only fits in ventilation grilles with straight blades. The legs of this holder are 2 cm long. Furthermore, the magnetic plate can block the wireless charging signal of your phone. Do you want to continue using wireless charging? Then use the round magnetic plate and stick it slightly above the middle of the back of your smartphone.

Magnetic plate sets
The phone holder comes with two magnetic plates and two protective stickers. First stick the transparent protective sticker on your case or phone and then stick the magnetic plate over it. This makes it easy to remove the magnetic plate at a later stage.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Two-year full warranty, 30 days to change your mind.

The ideal gadget for the car. Enjoy this handy phone holder tomorrow!